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Oblivion / Книги

~ Glarthir's Notes ~


You'll find all 10 possible Glarthir's Notes below

* * *


Good news! I may still have a chance. Found someone to help me today. A stranger who can move freely. Hope to have proof against Bernadette Peneles by tonight!

* * *


Bernadette Peneles is guilty, as I thought! My new agent has proved trustworthy and efficient. We must move quickly before the conspiracy learns that I am no longer alone. I should have proof against Toutius Sextius by tonight.

* * *


Bernadette Peneles is not involved in the conspiracy! At least so my new acquaintance tells me. I hope it is true, but my instincts are rarely wrong. But I have no reason to suspect treachery, yet. The report on Toutius Sextius should help me decide where my new friend's loyalties lie.

* * *


Proof against Toutius Sextius, at last! I chose my helper well. Now to gather evidence against Davide Surilie, and the conspiracy will at last be laid bare. If we can preserve the element of surprise, we may still have a chance!

* * *


Toutius Sextius is blameless, it seems. I am glad to know that at least one of my fellow-citizens is not involved in the conspiracy. When my new friend delivers proof of Davide Surilie's guilt, I can finally take decisive action with a clear conscience.

* * *


I fear the conspiracy spreads further than I thought. The supposed stranger in town appears to be involved. Is it likely that both Bernadette Peneles and Toutius Sextius are blameless? But I must not act without proof. I have always held myself to a higher standard than my enemies. The report on Davide Surilie will tell the tale. I fear that the end is near. But I will not go down without a fight! They will know that Glarthir, at least, did not submit to their yoke quietly!!

* * *


Mondas: Today I caught Bernadette Peneles watching me. I have very little doubt now that she is one of them. This saddens me. I had thought her one of the few to show me kindness in this nest of treachery. But now it seems that it was all a lie.

* * *


Current thoughts on the conspiracy:

Maruhkati Selectives -- Most likely!! Ruthless and secretive. I have undoubtedly earned their enmity by my vigilance numerous times.

The Blades -- Supposedly the guardians of the Empire. Question: Do they know that I know their dark secret? Everything hinges on that!

Mythic Dawn -- Need to learn more about them!!! Obscure hints from various sources suggest they could be the most dangerous of the three. Question: Why do they want me dead?

* * *


Observation of Davide Surilie:

Morndas: Watched him from my upstairs window. He pretends to work, but I can tell that he is really watching my house. Spent several hours whispering to his brother. Could Gaston be involved as well?

Tirdas: Followed him to his vineyard. Don't think he saw me. He went off by himself once -- could have been burying secret evidence? NOTE: Go back tonight and search for this. Could be the break I need to finally learn the truth!

Middas: Too sick to go out today, but noticed him staring at my window.

Turdas: Searched the vineyard tonight. Found nothing, but the ground had clearly been disturbed. He must have learned I was spying on him and removed it! NOTE: Need to find someone from out of town to help me. My movements are too closely watched!

Fredas: Davide watched my house again. He doesn't even try to hide it anymore. They are becoming more brazen now. Think I am as good as caught in their net. I must strike back before it's too late! But are desperate measures called for yet? Do I have enough proof to justify acting?

* * *


Loredas: Toutius Sextius may be one of them. Noticed him staring at me today near the Low Gate. I am tempted to stop going out, but that might tip my hand. They must NOT know I am aware of their agents, or they may finally move against me!

Yes. Toutius Sextius lives alone. No one knows what goes on in that big old house of his. Could it be the headquarters of the conspiracy? If only my movements were not so closely watched!

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