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~ Чит-коды/Cheats ~

Русская версия

Press "~" to open the console window.

Function Description
help Shows help
coc CellName Teleports to CellName. See lists of interior and exterior cells
coe x,y Teleports to x,y. See lists of cells.
cow WorldName,x,y Teleports to Worldname x,y. See lists of cells.
psb Adds all spells to the player
player.addspell FormID Adds a spell. See list of spells
player.removespell FormID Removes a spell. See list of spells
player.additem FormID N Adds N items. See lists of items: potions and poisons, arrows, apparatuses, armor, books, clothing, ingredients, keys, miscellaneous items, weapons, sigil stones, soul gems.
Example: "player.additem a 100" adds 100 lockpicks
player.removeitem FormID N Removes N Items. See lists of items.
player.placeatme FormID N,dist,dir Places N objects near the player. See lists of objects (items, creatures, NPCs.
Example: "player.placeatme 00034597 1,1,1" places Eduard Denile
kill Kills a selected target, if nobody selected kills the player.
resurrect Resurrects a selected target
unlock Unlocks a selected target
lock N Locks a selected target, N indicates the lock level
showracemenu Allows changing the player's race/appearence
showclassmenu Allows changing the player's class
showbirthsignmenu Allows changing the player's birthsign
sexchange Changes sex of a selected NPC
modpcs Skill,N Adds N points to skill, counts when the player levels up.
Doesn't change number of Uses. The patch v. 1.1.511 fixes this issue.
Example: modpcs handtohand,1
modpca Attribute,N Adds N points to attribute.
Emample: modpca Speed,5
player.setav Name,N Sets base value of Stat to N. Example: player.setav health,1000
player.setlevel N Sets the player's level to N
advlevel Forces to level-up, shows level-up screen
advskill Skill,N Forces skill to level up
setpcfame N Sets the player's Fame to N
setpcinfamy N Sets the player's Infamy to N
player.setcrimegold 0 Removes bounty. If the guards are attacking the player, you have to leave the city and then return
player.payfine Bounty is paid off, guards stop attacking the player
qqq Exit game without using menus
save filename Saves current game to filename
load filename Loads a game from filename
tgm Toggles God mode
tm Toggles menu. Useful for taking screenshots
tmm N Toggles map markers, 0 - hide, 1-show all
tdt Toggles debug display (FPS etc). See full description
tcl Toggles collision. Levitation is in!
tfc Freeflying camera
fov NN Changes the camera's field of view (in deg): default 75
caqs Sets all quest stages
movetoqt Moves the player to current quest target
sfql Quest_ID Shows all log entries for a single quest. See List of Quests and Stages.
sq Lists all quests.
sqt Shows current quest ID and targets
saq Starts all quests
getstage Quest_ID Returns the current stage of the specified quest. See List of Quests and Stages.
setstage Quest_ID stage Sets the current stage of a quest. See List of Quests and Stages.
tai Toggles AI
tcai Toggles combat AI
tdetect Toggles AI detection
tg Toggles Grass
tll Toggles land LOD
tlv Toggles leaves
ts Toggles sky
tt Toggles trees
twf Toggles wireframe mode
tfow Toggles fog of war (shows/hides the map)
coc toddtest Teleports to developers' testing grounds
coc testinghall Teleports to developers' testing grounds with a lot of objects and creatures

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