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Oblivion / Стадии квестов/Quest Stages

~ Квесты, связанные с поселениями/Settlement Quests ~

1.  The Potato Snatcher
2.  Raid on Greyland
3.  Revenge Served Cold
4.  No Stone Unturned
5.  The Gravefinder's Repose
6.  Bear Season
7.  The Sunken One
8.  A Venerable Vintage
9.  Go Fish
10. When the Vow Breaks

SQ01 FormID: 00177A31
The Potato Snatcher
10 0 I've slain an Ogre out in the wilderness. Oddly, it was carrying a bunch of Jumbo Potatoes. I should hang onto these, as they seem quite unusual.
20 0 I've met a strange Khajiit named S'jirra at the Faregyl Inn. She insists someone is stealing her supply of Jumbo Potatoes. Apparently, she uses them to make what she calls her [QUOTE]Famous Potato Bread[QUOTE]. She's offered a reward for the potatoes safe return. Whoever they are, S'jirra said they were [QUOTE]huge[QUOTE] and headed west.
30 0 I've encountered an Ogre out in the wilderness. This seems to be S'jirra's thief, as it was carrying her Jumbo Potatoes.
100 0 I've returned the Jumbo Potatoes to S'jirra. She was overjoyed and rewarded me with her first batch of Famous Potato Bread.
200 0 With S'jirra's death, it's impossible to complete this quest.

SQ02 FormID: 00181C6B
Raid on Greyland
10 0 I've met a Legion Guard named Lerexus Callidus outside the walls of Leyawiin. He tells me there is a Skooma dealer named Kylius Lonavo in the Greyland settlement just up the road. He's offered me a reward to go into the house, put a stop to the drug traders and bring him Lonavo's ring as proof.
20 0 I've recovered Kylius Lonavo's ring. I should bring it to Lerexus as soon as possible to obtain my reward.
100 0 Lerexus Callidus has rewarded me for putting a stop to the drug traffickers in Greyland Settlement.
200 0 With Lerexus's death, it's impossible to complete this quest.

SQ03 FormID: 00185FE8
Revenge Served Cold
10 0 I've found a jade amulet with the inscription [QUOTE]For Kayleen[QUOTE] in the possession of a Goblin boss. This must have been stolen from someone. I should hold onto it until I locate the owner.
20 0 I've come upon a sad Breton named Corrick Northwode at Harm's Folly settlement. It seems a goblin war party attacked his home, killed his wife and retreated back to their lair, Exhausted Mine. Now he wants me to go there and recover his wife's Jade Amulet.
30 0 I've recovered Kayleen's Jade Amulet. I should return it to Corrick at Harm's Folly.
100 0 Corrick Northwode was overjoyed to get back his wife's Jade Amulet. He thanked me by rewarding me with gold he had recovered from Exhausted Mine long ago.
200 0 With Corrick's death, it's impossible to complete this quest.

SQ04 FormID: 00185FE9
No Stone Unturned
10 0 I've discovered the research notes of a Lithnilian. The notes mention him being at the Imperial Bridge Inn. Perhaps if I return this book to him, he'll offer me a reward.
20 0 I've met Lithnilian, an Altmer Sorcerer, at the Imperial Bridge Inn in the wilderness southeast of the Imperial City. He's asked me to locate his research notes on Welkynd Stones which he lost in the depths of Bramblepoint Cave.
30 0 I've recovered Lithnilian's research notes from Bramblepoint Cave. I should return it to Lithnilian for the promised reward.
100 0 I've returned the research notes to Lithnilian at the Imperial Bridge Inn. He generously rewarded me for my efforts.
200 0 With Lithnilian's death, it's impossible to complete this quest.

SQ05 FormID: 00185FEA
The Gravefinder's Repose
10 0 Malene at the Roxey Inn in the wilderness north of the Imperial City has asked me to help her rid the area of a Necromancer who calls herself Raelynn the Gravefinder. Raelynn can be found in Moss Rock Cavern to the north.
20 0 I've slain Raelynn the Gravefinder. I should return to Malene at the Roxey Inn and deliver the good news.
100 0 Malene was delighted with the news of Raelynn the Gravefinder's death, and rewarded me with some coin.

SQ06 FormID: 00185FEB
Bear Season
10 0 Thorley Aethelred, a shepherd who lives at the Shardrock Farm, has tasked me to slay six West Weald Bears and bring back their fangs as proof. They've been threatening his sheep, and he has nowhere else to turn.
20 0 I've obtained the first West Weald Bear Fang from a bear that has been threatening Thorley Aethelred's sheep.
30 0 I've obtained the second West Weald Bear Fang.
40 0 I've obtained the third West Weald Bear Fang.
50 0 I've obtained the fourth West Weald Bear Fang.
60 0 I've obtained the fifth West Weald Bear Fang.
70 0 I've obtained the sixth and final West Weald Bear Fang. I should return to Shardrock and give the fangs to Thorley Aethelred as proof of my deed.
100 0 I've given all six of the West Weald Bear fangs to Thorley Aethelred, who in turn rewarded me with an enchanted tome.
200 0 With Thorley's death, it's impossible to complete this quest.

SQ07 FormID: 00185FEC
The Sunken One
10 0 I've entered what appears to be a recently abandoned farmhouse. Perhaps if I search around, I may find a clue as to the owner's whereabouts.
20 0 I've come across a discarded page from a journal of a Slythe Seringi in an abandoned farmhouse near the ruins of Kvatch. It mentions some sort of pilgrimage to bring an offering of great value to something called [QUOTE]The Sunken One[QUOTE]. All signs point to Sandstone Cavern nearby. I should proceed there, as I fear for Slythe's safety.
30 0 I've come across a second discarded page from Slythe Seringi's journal. This one details his descent into Sandstone Cavern and how he met dangerous resistance and began to doubt his journey. I should press on and see if I can locate him.
40 0 I've located Slythe Seringi's corpse. I should search around him to learn the conclusion to his sad journey.
100 0 On Slythe's corpse, I've located his last journal entry. It seems he fell here believing he was truly going to meet his god and give an offering to him to help all of Tamriel. His death is a sad end to such a well-intended sojourn.

SQ08 FormID: 00185FED
A Venerable Vintage
10 0 I've come across a bottle of wine with markings I've never seen before. I can barely make out [QUOTE]Shadowbanish Wine[QUOTE] on the label. It must be quite valuable. I should hold onto it until I find out more.
20 0 I've spoken to Nerussa, the publican at the Wawnet Inn just outside the Imperial City. She's searching for a rare wine named Shadowbanish Wine that she says is most commonly found in fort ruins. She tells me if I retrieve six bottles, I'll be well compensated. Looks like I'll need to keep a careful eye out.
30 0 I've recovered six bottles of Shadowbanish Wine. I should bring them back to Nerussa at the Wawnet Inn for my final reward.
100 0 I've given six bottles of Shadowbanish Wine to Nerussa. In return, she paid me a large finder's fee of 1000 gold. She also told me if I find any more bottles of the wine, she'd gladly pay me 100 gold each for them.

SQ09 FormID: 00185FEE
Go Fish
10 0 Aelwin Merowald at the Weye Settlement southwest of the Imperial City is looking to acquire 12 Rumare Slaughterfish Scales to sell to a customer. He's asked me to do the legwork, as he's getting quite old and can't handle the difficult task. The Rumare slaughterfish is a special breed of slaughterfish that can only be found in Lake Rumare, directly north of Weye.
15 0  
20 0  
25 0  
30 0  
35 0  
40 0  
45 0  
50 0  
55 0  
60 0  
65 0  
90 0 I've acquired 12 Rumare Slaughterfish Scales. I should bring them to Aelwin Merowald at the Weye Settlement as soon as I can.
100 0 I've given the 12 Rumare Slaughterfish Scales to Aelwin Merowald and he's rewarded me with a magical ring.
110 0 Aelwin Merowald at the Weye Settlement needed 12 Rumare Slaughterfish Scales. After berating me for fishing [QUOTE]his[QUOTE] waters, he traded me an amulet for the scales.
200 0 With Aelwin's death, it is impossible to complete this quest.

SQ10 FormID: 00185FEF
When the Vow Breaks
10 0 I've come across an unusual mace named Rockshatter on the body of a Nord. The mace has a worn inscription on the haft reading [QUOTE]To Maeva and Bjalfi in honor of your union.[QUOTE] I should hang onto this weapon, as I'm sure Maeva will want to know her late husband's fate.
20 0 I've been asked by Maeva the Buxom at Whitmond Farm outside Anvil to help her recover a family heirloom her husband stole when he left her. The mace is named Rockshatter. Her husband, Bjalfi the Contemptible, was last seen heading for the ruins of Fort Strand to join the Marauder Gang there.
30 0 I've found Bjalfi the Contemptible inside Fort Strand, with Rockshatter still in his possession. I should take the weapon back to Maeva and tell her of her late husband's fate.
100 0 I've returned Rockshatter to Maeva. She was pleased and rewarded me with a small parcel of gold.
200 0 With Maeva's death, it's impossible to complete this quest.
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